The Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) and Business for Goals (B4G)

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The Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) and Business for Goals (B4G)

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In collaboration with UNDP Türkiye, the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (Türk Girişim ve İş Dünyası Konfederasyonu or TÜRKONFED) launched the Connecting Business initiative Türkiye platform on 17 November 2018. Together with the Business for Goals (B4G) platform, the CBi Türkiye platform aims to strengthen the cooperation and collaboration of the private sector with the civil society, international organizations and public institutions in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

Immediately after the Elazığ Earthquake on 24 January 2020, B4G conducted a field visit, and post-disaster situation analysis reports were prepared. Furthermore, sets of proposals about workplace enhancements were formed to be evaluated during TÜSIAD and TÜRKONFED’s Executive Board meetings. The network also organized various webinars and online sessions to identify and respond to the needs of local businesses affected by COVID-19. B4G created a list of trusted PPE manufacturers in Türkiye to help match businesses with global buyers. With the support of the Government of Japan and in cooperation with UNDP and the Directorate General of Regional Development Agencies at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, B4G organized capacity-building activities for 3,000 unemployed young people from sectors defined as fragile (e.g., food, tourism, logistics, machinery, textiles, and the automobile industry).

Further, in 2021, B4G and TÜRKONFED organized business continuity training sessions for small and medium-sized businesses affected by COVID-19 and the Elazig and Izmir earthquakes. In addition, TÜSIAD, with support from The UPS Foundation, B4G and TÜRKONFED organized a series of earthquake-preparedness workshops in February and March 2021 for representatives from local governments and 47 businesses. The workshop participants were taught how to reduce the possible impact of a large-scale earthquake scenario that could affect Istanbul.

B4G and TÜRKONFED also worked with CBi on a study on the impacts of COVID-19 on women entrepreneurs and co-organized a webinar to share best practices from Türkiye on promoting gender-inclusive practices in the private sector.

In October 2021, TÜRKONFED and B4G launched their Business Climate Resilience Project which aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions and to develop a working group for knowledge exchange and coordination on business and climate resilience.

About the Business for Goals Platform (B4G)

Established by TURKONFED, TUSIAD and UNDP in 2019, the Business for Goals Platform serves as a platform open to all large-, medium- and small-sized enterprises willing to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their corporate policies and strategies, all public agencies keen on public-private partnership, local governments, academia, international organizations and non-governmental sector.

The Platform fosters joint learning, development and work with its stakeholders. Learn more at


TÜRKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) is a non-governmental business organization. Today, 30 federations and 276 associations fall under TÜRKONFED, through which over 40,000 companies are represented. TÜRKONFED, in collaboration with UNDP, launched the CBi Türkiye platform in 2018. This national private sector-led network supports disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response and recovery for both societal resilience and stronger competitiveness. CBi Türkiye also includes the Business for Goals (B4G) Platform which works on enhancing the role of private sector in sustainable development. Learn more at

About the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSIAD)

Founded in 1971 to represent the Turkish business world, TÜSİAD is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting welfare through private enterprise. On account of the institutions represented by its members, TÜSİAD has a significant representative capacity of the economic activity in Türkiye in many spheres such as production, value-added, employment, and foreign trade. TÜSİAD’s activities are aimed at creating social cohesion based on the competitive market economy, sustainable development, and participatory democracy. Learn more at

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